2006 GC READER - Global Conference on Renewable Energy Approaches for Desert Regions

The WCRE supported the Global Conference on Renewable Energy Approaches for Desert Regions (GCREADER) that was held in Amman, Jordan from 18th till 22nd September 2006. Preben Maegaard participated on behalf of the WCRE.

The event was organised by the Energy Centre at the University of Jordan and was the first conference on Renewable Energy in desert regions. The conference, together with an exhibition on “Renewable Energy Applications and Products”, was attended by over 250 participants from 45 countries and was held at the highest level. The Minister of Energy and his Majesty King Abdullah held the welcoming speeches, more than 80 papers, 15 keynotes and 4 ministerial speeches were presented and discussed.

The numerous presentations during the conference demonstrated the already existing possibilities for Renewable Energy application in the arid and desert regions of the world. There was ample room for an exchange of ideas on technology and best-practice examples among the participants who mostly came from the middle-eastern and north-African countries. The Energy Centre at the University of Jordan was officially inaugurated at the end of the conference.


2006 Great Wall Renewable Energy Forum

Convened by the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE), October 24th – 27th, 2006, Beijing/China

The Great Wall World Renewable Energy Forum (GWREF) is a high level symposium, being organized in accordance with the United Nations’ community cooperation principles for global renewable energy development. The GWREF represents a catalytic approach with a unique Chinese perspective to the realization of renewable energy development goals for both China and the world. GWREF’s organizers seek to foster international communication, and facilitate the development of global renewable markets.

PDF WCRE Great Wall Renewable Energy Memorandum


Rio 6 World Climate & Energy Event

International RIO 6 - World Climate & Energy Event & LAREF 2006 - Latin America Renewable Energy Fair, organised by the World Council for Renewable Energy Latin America (WCRE LA) November 17th - 18th, 2006, Rio de Janeiro

RIO 6, a follow-up to the successful RIO 5, RIO 3 and RIO 02 - World Climate & Energy Events, is being held to implement renewable energies as the energy supply of the future. The event brings together leading experts from science, industry and politics to report on latest research results, demonstrate new products and services, present successful policies and implementations, and show access to project financing via governmental policies, utility funds and international carbon trading, and form effective networks.


2006 Water and Cities

What can be done to future-proof our water supply?
2006 EPCOR Distinguished Lecture with Dr. Peter Droege, WCRE Chairman, October 19th, 2006, Calgary, Canada

Fresh Water is the lifeblood of cities and its decline has been recorded on a world wide scale. With many global metropolitan areas suffering from depleting water resources, water security has become a major concern for many national and urban leaders. The process of evaporating water resources is driven by many factors, one being the development of fossil fuel generation. But the most threatening promises to be accelerating climate change impacts. What can be done to future-proof our cities from a water security point of view? Solutions may lie in integrated water cycle management, distributed micro-watershed management, water right registration and trading and in accomplishing a fundamental urban energy transition to more efficient and renewable models.

Dr. Peter Droege holds professorial appointments at the University of Newcastle, Australia, and the University of Beijing, where he is appointed to nurture a Centre for Renewable Urbanism with presence in Beijing and Shenzhen. He directs Epolis, an international consultancy focused on renewable urban design and is the Asia Pacific Chairman for the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE).


2005 World Renewable Energy Assembly (WREA)


November 26th-30th, 2005 Hotel Kanzler, Bonn

2nd International Parliamentary Forum on Renewable Energies,
3rd World Renewable Energy Forum Conference


2004 WCRE Forum

2nd World Renewable Energy Forum: Renewing Civilization by Renewable Energy
May 29th-31st, 2004 Federal Art Hall (Bundeskunsthalle), Bonn

PDF WCRE Conference Documents of the WCRE Forum 2004


2002 WCRE Forum

First World Renewable Energy Policy and Strategy Forum 2002: Renewable Energies: "Agenda 1 of the Agenda 21"
June 13th - 15th, 2002 Fair Berlin (Messe Berlin), Hall 7, Room Berlin Conference

Conference Documents of the WCRE Forum 2002:

PDF WCRE Global Action Plan for the Global Proliferation of Renewable Energy (English)

PDF WCRE Global Action Plan for the Global Proliferation of Renewable Energy (French)

PDF WCRE Global Action Plan for the Global Proliferation of Renewable Energy (Spanish)

PDF WCRE Formation of the Group of Renewable and Efficient Energy Nations (GREEN Nations, English)


2001 IRENA Impulse Conference

Promoting Global Transfer Activities for Renewable Energies - Impulse Conference for the Establishment of an International Renewable Energy Agency
Berlin 2001

Conference Documents of IRENA Impulse Conference 2001


PDF WCRE International Proliferation Treaty for Renewable Energies

PDF WCRE Draft-Statute of the International Renewable Energy Agency