ren21 - Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century

REN21 is a global policy network in which ideas are shared and action is encouraged to promote renewable energy. It provides a forum for leadership and exchange in international policy processes. It bolsters appropriate policies that increase the wise use of renewable energies in developing and industrialised economies. Open to a wide variety of dedicated stakeholders, REN21 connects governments, international institutions, nongovernmental organisations, industry associations, and other partnerships and initiatives. Wolfgang Palz takes part in the Steering Committee of ren21 for the WCRE.

GBEP - Global Bioenergy Partnership

The purpose of the Global Bioenergy Partnership is to provide a mechanism for Partners to organize, coordinate and implement targeted international research, development, demonstration and commercial activities related to production, delivery, conversion and use of biomass for energy, with a particular focus on developing countries. GBEP also provides a forum for implementing effective policy frameworks, identifying ways and means to support investments, and removing barriers to collaborative project development and implementation. The Partnership brings together public decision-makers, representatives of the private sector and civil society as well as international agencies with expertise in bioenergy. The WCRE signed the ToR of the Global Bio Energy Partnership.

DDP - UNEP Dams and Development Project

Promote improved decision-making, planning and management of dams and their alternatives building on the World Commission on Dams core values and strategic priorities and other relevant reference materials through promoting multistakeholder dialogue at national, regional and global levels and producing non-prescriptive tools to help decision-makers. Stanley Mbagathi takes part in the Dams and Development Forum meetings, representing the WCRE